We take care of your Deposit!

Handwerkerkaution.ch is an online platform for all companies that need to fulfil the deposit scheme to provide services in Switzerland.

HandwerkerKaution.ch offers you a cheap and easy solution, offering to you a sensible alternative to cash deposit, bank guarantee or other expensive credit solutions. Instead of expensive bar – or bank deposits you can take out a low-priced deposit insurance with us. See more and more the Joint Commissions in their collective bargaining agreements (CBA) is a deposit scheme for companies. Such lche GAV-deposit scheme can be satisfied with our deposit insurance. Our deposit insurance is accepted by all Joint Commissions in Switzerland.

The benefits of your deposit insurance are obvious:

  • Better liquidity
    With our deposit insurance improve your liquidity and your capital freely available en.
  • 100% Transparency
    With our deposit insurance, there are no hidden fees and no additional costs.